1. Hi Day,
    I’m a childhood friend of Alison Grieveson’s. She posted a picture of one of your paintings and I was blown away. I found your website and love your work! I was particularly interested in Storm in the V.I.’s. The label lists it as 40×41 but the image looks more rectangular. Is that the correct size? I’d love to hear more about it and what you’re asking for it.
    Sally Peterson

    • Hi Sally,

      You are lucky!! I just adore Alison, one of my favorite people in the world!! Thanks so much for your kind compliments.
      I’m sorry for not getting back to you. For some reason I’m not being alerted when I receive a comment on my website.
      I was just trying figure out how to delete all the SPAM I receive when I saw your lovely comment!
      That painting is 41″ x 40″, this particular website theme often changes the shape of photos that I post.
      I work a lot in this format, almost a square, that is. I’m sorry to tell you that this painting is sold.
      I’m actually working on some new storm paintings from my recent trip to Culebra Island. I will post them soon! I hope to put up a more streamline website too. Please check back again if you would like.
      Also Please feel free to contact me at day@dayanmoore.com
      Warmest regards,

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